Program in English


Agenda September 1

14.00-15.45 Pre-conference: Open Springboard: Kallak Absorbent AS. Absorbent solutions for oil spill recovery. Presentation organized by Connect Norway
  A world of opportunities
 16.00 Welcome to Green Business Annual Conference 2010
Runar Rugtvedt, President of the board, Green Business Norway
  Norwegian and Polish bilateral coopeartion
Malgorzata Strozyk, Head of EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanism Department,
Ministry of Environment, Poland
Agnieszka Sosnowska, Head of Energy - Climate Package Department,
Ministry of Environment, Poland
Agata Trzeciak, Specialist, Department of Waste Management, Ministry of Environment, Poland
  Grocery retail industry and wholesaling, waste as a resource and the potential
for energy efficiency in buildings and transportation
Sverre Leiro, CEO NorgesGruppen
  Waste and recycling in the Polish market, market development and opportunities
seen from a waste operator point of view
Bjørn Haugen Morstad, Chief Financial Officer PREI (Polish Real Estate Investment Ltd).
17.30 Coffee break and exhibition
17.50 Innovation through research and development

Renewable Energy, Research and development opportunities
Gabriella Tranell, Director, Centre for Renewable Energy


Development and management of innovation activities with EU co- funding 
Bjarne Paulsrud,
Managing Director, Aquateam AS
Ole Jan Myhre,
Marketing Director, Norner Innovation AS

  Introduction to ETV (Environmental Technology Verification),
the upcoming European Union scheme for verification of new environmental technologies
Thorkild Qvist Frandsen, Senior Consultant, Agrotech A/S
19.30 Break and exhibition
20.00 Dinner


TimeAgenda September 2
  Operating conditions and market drivers
 8.30 Norwegian policies and ambitions towards the global cleantech industry:
an update on government policies and strategies
Pål Julius Skogholt, State Secretary, Norwegian Ministry of Trade and industry
  Renewable opportunities, Norwegian Industry actions for development of technology and industry
operating in the global cleantech market
Åslaug Haga, Director, Norwegian Industry Association
  Environmental infrastructure, financing and investment needs of Polish municipalities
Mr. Jacek Jasinski, Vice Director, National Fund of Environment, Poland
 10.00  Coffee break and exhibition
 10.30  Proactive regional strategies and technology
  Växjö, a top 10 European sustainable city: A best-practice example,
implemeneting a sustainable strategy and investing in environmental and energy infrastructure for the future
Anders Franzén, Development Manager, city of Växjö, Sweden
  Using public infrastructure as a test facilitator
for innovation and technological development
Sara Stridh, plant manager SYVAB Stockholm Region
  Intellectual Property Rights:
Patents, challenges and opportunities in the cleantech sector.
Jon Woulff Petersen, CEO, TTO A/S (technology transfer office)
 12.00 noon Lunch and exhibition

Cleantech innovations. A presentation of three cleantech entrepreneurs:
Present water, Solutions for ballast water treatment
NeoTech Power, green power production from natural gas
Kallak Absorbent AS, Absorbent solutions for oil spill recovery

Company candidates and presentation organized by Connect Norway

 14.30  Coffee break and exhibition
  Industrial cleantech development in the U.K. Opportunities for cleantech innovation and approaches to carbon reduction solutions: a case study of the Bran Sands project on Teesside.
Steven Garbutt, Technical Manager, Aker solutions E&C Ltd.
  Our ambitions in the renewable energy sector – An energy producer´s point of view
Tor Ottar Karlsen, director, Vardar AS
 16.00 Closing remarks
Thor Sverre Minnesjord, CEO Green Business Norway